Thursday, November 14, 2013

UPDATE BAD news and GOOD NEWS!! Make Money Reading Online Articles! Researched Lead.

**UPON FURTHER RESEARCH (and thanks to reader misseb) I have come to the conclusion that this is not a trustworthy website.  I have been reading the news stories provided by Circumnews and earning money in the account, working towards the $350. payout.  My computer has not been negatively affected.  *But, according to this website: Online Threat Alerts, the website is not a trustworthy site.

Check out the link for yourself (above).  Readers on the Online Threat Alerts website have commented that they have not received payment and downloaded a virus after requesting payout or trying to contact the website manager.

Here's more info about what Circumnews is offering:

I ran across this lead last week on  There are a few people who are reading articles with this company and earning money for each article read.

If you read my last article you know that I am looking for ways to make money without having to talk on the phone, so this gig is perfect for me!  I know  some of you may have the same kind of need to do non-phone work for different reasons, so I am posting this info for all of us!

The company is called Circumnews.  All you have to do is follow my referral link and sign up as a user.  All I did was fill out the email and password.  I used an email through gmail that I tend to use only for jobs. I also used a unique password that I don't use for any other logins.  After giving my email and password, I simply clicked sign up.  Then I clicked READ NEWS.  A list of articles will pop up.  All you have to do is click on the article, click on the hyperlink to the article, go back to the Circumnews page, click "Confirm" and do the simple task to confirm that you are not a bot.  Then you will see the article payment amount added to your "Finances" at the top of the page.

Once you get to $350. you can cash out.  Payments are added to your Paypal account 14 days after you submit for payment.  This is called "NET14".

Please post in comments once you get paid.

*Bummer, right?  Well, I feel really bad for getting excited about this lead then finding out that it is just BAD NEWS!!  So, I have a LEGIT lead that a lof of people HAVE been paid and continue to work at.  

**So the good news is that there are still pay-per-task websites that are legit. One of them is Postloop.  Now I HAVE been paid by Postloop.  But you actually have to do a little more work.  It's just commenting on message boards to keep up conversation.  But, you must type so many sentences that make sense.  So, a little work a for a little money sounds about right.  Right?  

Check out Postloop by clicking on the ad just to the right of this article, or click here Get started with Postloop.


  1. My security suite is giving me red flags all over the place about this website. I had tried both links and I'm getting the same issues with them. Not sure what the problem is but I don't want to shut off my firewall to check this out.

  2. The website did undergo a day of maintenance since you posted this. Also, I have not had any problems with the website. I do have two security suite programs that I run. I am almost up to $300. so far!

  3. Hi,

    Could I ask: have you been paid by this site? I read somewhere that it's a scam:

    take care...

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    2. Misseb, thanks for that link. I have not seen that website before with the scam and website information. I was going by other work at home review websites where readers were using the site with caution, but no one has reported any kind of viruses but then no one has gotten paid either.

      Well, this changes my mind! I think for my readers' benefit I will warn against signing up on the chance that one the user clicks on "send" to contact or "payout" the user might receive a virus (as was reported on the link you provided).

    3. Hi Jennifer...

      You're welcome.

      I found the link to that review via WAHM forums. Also read about Circumnews on a Work Place Like Home forum.

      I don't have a good feeling about the site. Reminds me of a similar site that came out a few years' ago called ReadBud. That one didn't go well either.

  4. Well I can tell you firsthand that this website caused many problems on my computer and that's without me even signing up for anything. It took me hours to undo what this website did and I have a strong security suite with high protection settings and it got through it. I would say it's not safe and I would be very cautious about using it if at all.