Wednesday, November 6, 2013

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! My Surgery and Recovery info, New Work At Home Plans, My Pain Can Be Your Gain!

Hello again!  If  you saw my most recent posts on my blog's Facebook page, you know that I just recently had surgery and am taking time off of work to recover.  

My surgery was on November 1st to remove a parathyroid gland that developed a tumor.  The gland was very difficult to extract and in the  process the surgeon severed a nerve that connects to the vocal cord.  Because of this my voice is affected and I cannot work on the phone for quite a while.  :(  Sad, I know.  Believe me.. I am still in shock.  Because I will be unable to work on the phone for a while my bank account is going to go into shock too!  So, I have to improvise and find a way to make money without being on the phone.  

Also, I have an ugly 5 inch scar at the base of my neck where they did the incision.  This will eventually heal and blend into the folds of my neck (hopefully not too many folds!).  To hide the scar and not scare small children and those with weak stomachs, I am wearing scarves.  I am also making scarves and plan on starting an Etsy store.  Please let me know by commenting below, if you are interested in learning more about opening an Etsy store.  I can blog along the way and we can learn together!

The good news is that I can share what I am doing to make money while I am recovering and give all of my friends who wish to work from home new ideas to bring in the cash when we are unable to work outside the home.

First of all I'm going to ask all of you to share my posts so that I can increase my blog audience and actually make a few bucks.  This way I can afford to keep writing the blog and not spend every waking moment listing items on Ebay(and please share My Ebay Listings too!).  Do you need tips about selling your items on ebay?  Ask away!!

Second, I need my readers to ask questions about working from home.  When you ask questions, other readers may have the same questions and this will help everyone in their work at home journey.

Ok, so lets do this!  I'll be checking my blog for questions a couple of times per day.  Now, remember that I am only a few days out of surgery so if I don't respond right away I probably am drooling on my keyboard, hunched over the desk, taking a nap.  Once my hubby finds me and wakes me up, I will at least comment that I am still alive and will be back to answer questions once I can type something coherent!

Also, I welcome comments on my blog's Facebook page.  

My ebay listings


  1. Hey Jennifer I love the way your blog is put together and I am glad you are healing and doing better. I must say I will have to come to you for tips once I finally decide to start an Ebay business :)

    1. Thank you Pamela! I'm so glad you commented about ebay. Other sellers have seen sales go up in the past week. I've been wresting with my internet connection for the past hour and was just losing motivation to list more items.
      Ok, I'm listing a couple then on the the grocery store to pick up those last minute Thanksgiving items. You know how they always run out? Well, I'm trying to get my shopping done early. Me, the procrastinator. It will be a miracle!
      See how easily I get distracted!? On to listing I go....

  2. I'm sorry your vocal chord was affected when you had the operation. I'm glad the gland was removed though. Wishing you back to full strength.

    take care...

    1. Thank you misseb! I appreciate the kind words. :-)