Friday, October 19, 2012

Now Hiring! Work At Home Technical Support

Convergys is currently hiring:
 Technical Support & Problem Res Rep II -Work At Home

In this position you will be using your own equipment, so please make sure that you read the entire job listing before applying.

I do not know the pay per hour for this position.  I do know that they are a legitimate work from home employer.

Job Description 

Technical Support & Problem Res Rep II - Work at Home: 101432


: Home Agent (HA)

Primary Location

:United States-Kentucky-Kentucky - @Home ()

Other Locations

: United States-Mississippi-Mississippi - @Home, United States-Florida-Florida - @Home, United States-Oklahoma-Oklahoma - @Home, United States-North Dakota-North Dakota - @Home, United States-Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania - @Home, United States-Wyoming-Wyoming - @Home, United States-Nebraska-Nebraska - @Home, United States-New Mexico-New Mexico - @Home, United States-Utah-Utah - @Home, United States-Michigan-Michigan - @Home, United States-Virginia-Virginia - @Home, United States-Louisiana-Louisiana - @Home, United States-Wisconsin-Wisconsin - @Home, United States-Ohio-Ohio - @Home, United States-Michigan-Michigan -- @Home, United States-Idaho-Idaho - @Home, United States-Arizona-Arizona - @Home, United States-North Carolina-North Carolina - @Home, United States-Montana-Montana - @Home, United States-Indiana-Indiana - @Home, United States-Texas-Texas - @Home, United States-Colorado-Colorado - @Home, United States-Iowa-Iowa - @Home, United States-South Carolina-South Carolina - @Home, United States-Georgia-Georgia - @Home, United States-West Virginia-West Virginia - @Home, United States-Alabama-Alabama - @Home, United States-New York-New York - @Home, United States-Minnesota-Minnesota - @Home, United States-Missouri-Missouri - @Home, United States-Tennessee-Tennessee - @Home, United States-Kansas-Kansas - @Home


: Full-time


 WORK AT HOME TECHNICAL SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE: Provides technical troubleshooting assistance to customers via inbound calls for the purpose of resolving customer issues. Receives inbound calls of a technical troubleshooting nature, in a contact center/work at home environment to independently resolve customer complaints, concerns and inquiries with regard to services such as Wireless/Cell Phone Service, Cable TV Service, Satellite TV Service, Internet Service, and/or Home Phone Service. SALES (passive – order taking - or actively selling products and services) is a requirement of the position. In addition, agents will verify and update customer records, process customer orders and sales, and handle miscellaneous customer service and billing related inquiries.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities
• Provide customers with technical troubleshooting assistance on product usage.
• Greet customers and listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy.
• Ask open ended questions to identify needs of the customer.
• Navigate through computer systems to access customer information and troubleshooting procedures and to document calls accurately. Use decision-support tools to answer questions.
• Strive for first contact resolution.
• Solve problems that are sometimes unstructured and that may require reliance on conceptual thinking.
• Confirm customer understanding of the solution and provide additional customer education as needed.
•Identify and offer additional products and services to meet customer’s needs. Maintain a broad knowledge of client products and services.
• Communicate effectively with individuals/teams in the program to ensure high quality and timely expedition of customer requests.
• Participate in activities designed to improve customer satisfaction and business performance.

Technical Requirements
• A home office environment that is quiet and free from distraction.
• A PC that meets the requirements of the Home Agent platform. PC must have a vendor manufactured date less than six years in age. (Example: If today’s date is 1/1/2012, the PC manufacture date should be no older than 1/1/2006). You will be able to test your PC during the online application process.
• 3.0 GHZ Processor (minimum of a Pentium 4 processor or equivalent processor running at a clock speed of 3.0 GHZ)
• 2 GB RAM
• High speed Internet access (DSL or Cable only).
• An Internet Service Provider that Supplies 2 or more IP addresses OR an Internet Service Provider that supplies 1 IP address and is connected to a router.
• USB headset with a built-in digital signal processor and a specified 8 GB flashdrive will be required upon employment.
• A telephone with a mute button to be utilized during training, team meetings, and individual coaching and technical support sessions.
• Power Bar/Surge Protector that is UL 1449 Recognized – This will assist in protecting equipment plugged into the power bar, in the event of an electrical storm or power surge.

Additional Requirements

• High school diploma or equivalent experience
• Minimum six months of customer troubleshooting and/or call-center experience preferred.
• Basic sales skills which include active listening, rapport building, conversational probing for needs, recommending and presenting, closing, and overcoming objectives.
• Basic customer service skills and abilities to adapt to customer situations which include use of soft skills, express empathy, express willingness to help and take ownership, and first-call resolution.
• Proficient computer skills, including experience operating within a Windows environment and Internet navigation skills.
• Ability to perform light hand activity work at a computer/telephone station in a home office environment.
• Ability to communicate in a clear and effective manner, both verbally and in writing.
• Ability to work a varying shift schedule and/or overtime as required.

Click Here to Apply - Convergys Technical Support

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