Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs To Fill the Gap

In this economy, many people who have full time jobs are looking to supplement their income with another part time job or freelance gig.  Recently I have heard friends and co workers mention the need for a second job to help make ends meet.

In this post I will highlight a few companies that offer flexible part time and/or freelance work that will help provide some extra income that you need.

Now, I'm just going to post the application links.  If you would like more information, please check my blog archives.  I'm home on bereavement time from my full time job and have a lot to take care of personally.  I will try to jump back on to answer questions and post more jobs as I have seen more phone job openings lately.

Best of luck.  I love the comments.  Please comment if you have any questions, rants or raves!

These are all Non-Phone jobs:

Internet Assessment Jobs:
Lionbridge -  Lionbridge Internet Assessors Program
Leapforce  -  Leapforce At Home independent agent
Butler Hill  -  Appen Butler Hill freelance work

Freelance websites:
ODesk -  ODesk Sign Up 
Elance  -  Elance Sign Up
Fiverr  - Fiverr Sign up
Amazon Mechanical Turk - Mturk Sign Up
The Pincushion  - Needler Sign Up/Application

Demand Studios - Writers, Filmmakers, Copy Editors, Bloggers, Experts

Quicktate - Typists Application

Now these should help you get the ball rolling.  There are more companies in the Writing and Transcription fields.  Again, please refer to the archives on my blog to research them further.

I will be back to check comments.  Best of luck!  Please "Like" my page on Facebook and share with friends!

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