Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel Company $12. per hour - Work From Home

Just found this lead on Craigslist under telecommuting jobs. On the forums, members have confirmed that this is a legitimate work from home company and have been paid on time. Please notice that this job entails cold calling leads on the company's dialer system. If you are not comfortable making cold calls this may not be for you.

But do not despair, I have posted many types of work-at-home jobs on this blog for many different levels of experience and skill including phone and non-phone jobs.

I know some people enjoy the challenge of making sales by phone and receiving sales prizes. This is a good position for you if you are that kind of "go getter" person.

!!! We want you for our "work from home" Team !!!
What You Receive
  • Accurate Weekly Paycheck
    • $12.00 Per Hour GUARANTEED
    • Spiffs
  • Savings on Commuting Expenses
  • Savings on Work Attire
  • Be Home When Your Kids Get Home
  • Receive Tax-Breaks for Home-Based Business
If You Have
  • Self-Motivation
  • Home PC (Windows Based XP or Above)
  • USB Headset
  • High Speed Internet (sorry no satellite or wireless)
  • Good Phone Voice
  • Willingness to work 30+ hours per week
The Job
Utilizing our Internet-Based Call Center Software:
  • Receive outbound cold calls placed by our system.
  • Receive inbound calls from direct mail marketing.
  • Set Appointments for Qualified residents to attend a Timeshare or Vacation Club presentation in exchange for a complimentary gift.
Complete Online Application

Here's the link to the Craigslist ad:

I think the job is open to all states, not just Phoenix.

Good luck and please let me know if you get an interview!


  1. I love this job. Don't go into this with rose colored glasses, though. IT IS TELEMARKETING, so it has all the good AND the bad of a telemarketing job. There are busy times and slow times. There are nice callers and there are extremely rude, sometimes abusive, callers. It's the nature of the industry.

    Pay is always on time (weekly). Plus, you don't need a dedicated phone line.

  2. Yes well, I don't know who Anonymous is that wrote that post, guess it could be anyone, but the fact of the matter is this company is a scam company do not be fooled, they do not want to pay you for appointments set, they will try and make you feel like you are constantly doing something wrong even when you are making bookings. Now I worked there for the first 2.5 DAYS and so for 15 hours I made 10 bookings which I thought wasn't bad for a newbie just starting and I liked it, not even a full week. These so called supervisors they have don't know any of the meaning of professionalism or how to treat a human let alone an employee/contractor. While you are working you are working on a screen in 5/9 and they send all these chats, the chat boxes are in the way of the script so in that case if you are trying to see the screen its tough to navigate what you should be navigating, dummies. Then these so called sups talk to you any old kinda way and threaten to force log you out whenever they feel like it even for no real reason at all. They are such nonsense, I was paid for those hours I worked at 10.00 per hour and nothing for my bookings, I'm pretty sure they kept all the profits on those and I didn't see a dime of it. They really don't want to pay the hourly wage, they want to make an exchange your time for those bookings, When they are making 100's off your bookings they don't mind only paying you for the measley hours you've worked, then they'll build up the next candidate to thinking they will make a lot of money, take the bookings, pay the measley hourly wage....listen good, they will make you think you can make a lot of money from your effort, you will use all your effort to get those bookings, your effort to forget about them stressing you out, and then you will not be paid for your bookings just the hours you've worked after you've been terminated from the program with no legitimate, professional reasoning. They really suck. You won't make a living on it, they will.