Sunday, December 21, 2014

Great Pay and Benefits - American Express Work At Home !

American Express regularly hires for customer care and travel positions.  The jobs are only open for a few weeks, so apply when you see an opening!  Below I have posted the links to the customer care and travel job descriptions and applications.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Series: Make Money With Your Smartphone! iPhone and Android Apps That Earn Money!

So I gave in and finally bought an iPhone yesterday.  (This is a long story... if you want to cut to the chase, just sign up for and use referral code yummydoors0 after you download the app.) My free months with Cricket ran out yesterday (from a mystery shop I did almost a year ago) so I had to find another service that I had to pay for.  Ouch!  I hate paying for anything!!

I was about to take my old T-Mobile MyTouch 4G and just go get a Simcard from T-Mobile and use their $50. per month pay as you go plan.  I could manage that and the Android market has a lot of great apps too.  And I love my old T-Mobile MyTouch 4G phone!!  It is easy to use and I know how to use it.  You know how you get a phone that is sooo different, take a while to get used to it, learn how to use all of the features and such then for some reason (like an expensive mobile plan) you stop using it and have to switch phones?

Well, I used a Tracfone for a while.  It is sooo cheap and easy to use!  I even got one for my daughter who is on the Autism Spectrum and she uses it to tell me she got on the bus.  Not that autistic persons need a simple phone, she is the one who teaches us how to use ALL of the electronic gadgets, software and can hack into all of her online games when needed (not the hacking part!).  She is just not into texting like other teens and doesn't need that many texts available.

So, long story short, the Cricket phone free months came to an end.  The service is really stinky inside of stores and we needed a phone with awesome coverage and won't shut down in the middle of using an app!  So, I got a great deal on an iPhone 5s at T-Mobile with hubby's employee discount (check with your employer for mobile carrier discounts, most big companies offer this.)

You know what, I am not paid to talk about mobile phones.  I am not even paid to write this blog AT ALL!! I just wanted to tell you my story about mobile phones because #1 I love techy gadgets and #2 I am always looking for a deal and #3 I want to get something back when I buy something (like money, Yeah, Money is Good!!).

Now on to the money making part!

One of my Facebook friends sent me a message about a few iPhone apps that I can do mystery shops and audits and earn money.  Well, that is exciting!!  So, I immediately did a google search on each app name and found out that most of them require an iPhone.  But, a few do support Android devices (yay for Android!).  I downloaded all of the iPhone apps which I will blog about in a future blog (but soon)!

Also, I found out about a few sites which pay you to watch videos and do simple tasks like download apps.  The first one that I have actually cashed out with is  Please use referral code "yummydoors0", don't laugh, that's the name they insist on giving me!  

So far I have cashed out for $3.59 after playing on the app watching app trailers, downloading apps (that later I deleted), watching short videos and leaving tips on apps I downloaded.  The payout for Paypal is $0.50 for 500 points.  This morning I've been using the app on and off for a couple of hours and am up to 1431 points.  I'm not even totally paying attention, just watching videos on and off on my phone during little breaks blogging and checking facebook while using my computer.

So, after you download this app to your device (use any apple device, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and also Android devices) DON'T FORGET TO ADD MY REFERRAL CODE "YUMMYDOORS0"  (that's a zero).  I would greatly appreciate it.  Think of it as a "thank you" for the information I give about work at home jobs (since I don't get paid!).

Go for it, don't forget to use my referral code as a "thank you" for this great info, it's: yummydoors0.  :-) 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

BIG LIST! Now Hiring! Work at Home after Phoenix Onsite Training

I found a bunch of great work at home leads in many fields.  Please click on each link and read the job descriptions and required qualifications before applying.  

A few of the jobs have several areas they hire for (Kelly Services, Telenetwork, and Enterprise Holdings).

Other jobs specifically state that you must be in the Phoenix metro area to apply.  Some require onsite training.  Again, please read the job description by clicking the link for the job you are interested in below.

Best of luck to all applicants!!

ALW Sourcing, LLC. - Customer Resolution Specialist - Work From Home (Collections)

GE Capital Retail Finance - Customer Service Representative; Work-From-Home

Kelly Services - Work from Home-Customer Service/Technical Support - Phoenix, AZ

SEVERAL LOCATIONS - Telenetwork - Work At Home Technical Support Representative

Balance Staffing - Technical Support (work from home)

Humana - Pharmacy Technician – Item Entry – Work at Home

Enterprise Holdings -Work From Home - Escalation Support Trainee

APAC Customer Services, Inc. - Representative, At-Home

UnitedHealth Group - Quality of Care RN Reviewer Work from home in Phoenix